Monday, June 05, 2006

How do you improve your English ability through using English Websites?

How do you improve your English ability through using English Websites?

The internet has lots of Web sites. We often spend much time to visit them which are always game or chat websites. Today, we have to know the importance of educational sites.

There are four sites we can visit: We can find many definitions from several dictionaries. It makes looking up words quick and easy. If we want to find answers to our English question, it will be a great place.

Internet Movie Database: Can’t you decide which movie to watch tonight? Do you want to know the credits of a movie? Do you want to write your thinking about a movie? Or you want to watch movie trailers. You got it! Check out this site which has information on more than 400,000 movies.

Wikipedia: It is a free, online encyclopedia which has more than 2,000,000 articles written in over 100 languages. And it’s the most popular reference site online because of its large amount of information. If you are an expert on something, you can also write your own article for Wikipedia to make it better!

Google Earth: If you’re going to plan a trip and want to see the place beforehand, you can see pictures of any place on Earth with Google Earth. It can also show you a recent satellite image of the location where an address you choose. Of course include your own house. You will have lots of fun exploring the world by using it.

After the introductions of them. I have a conclusion. We must make our English ability better and better. All those popular and useful web sites write in English. Hurry up to do something to increase your English ability if you want to get any knowledge from them, or you will say goodbye to them with tears.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Studio Classroom

1. Online shopping can help people turn extra stuff cash, and it provide people almost unlimited
market for everything.

2. Garage sale in ebay has soon spread quickly around the globe and Asain market is the
most potential in the future.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

On Generation “N” or “M”

Topic: On Generation “N” or “M”
Academic No: 96138

On Generation “N” or “M”
The generation N (N age) is the first generation which are digital media around. You can see the computer every where, include home, school, factory and office. The internet has billions of users every month. Today, the children are in the digital world.

The old broadcast TV media change to the new interactive digital media. Because of this change, the N age can just use their fingers to travel around the world easily. We are the main character in 21 century, also the new group to control the digital life.
Follow the advance of the technology, the function of digital media becomes diversification. Children become more excellent than their parents. So we can say that the generation N is the new power of the future society.

Monday, February 13, 2006

1. CALL ALCPT: 選EFL Place進入alcpt練習

2. English Lab Online:影片寫作)
Voice Video Lesson

3.網路英文學習日誌建檔(Reflection weblog in English Learning)


Monday, January 02, 2006

Environment and Our Life

Environment and Our Life

The natural environment and our life support system are the basis for a healthier world, healthier economy, healthier society, and overall a healthier human.

There are too much pollution in the world. If we want to make our world healthier, we have to reduce these pollutions. They are air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution…etc. Solving these problems is very easy actually, but our people just don’t want to do them. So we just change our opinion and do it correctly, the world will become better and better.

Thousand of years, we live on the earth. We gain everything for living from her. What do we repay to her? The people from every corner in the world must think this question, and do it certainly.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Film and my life

Film and my life

I saw a movie recently. It is Fantasy Four. After a space task meets with an misfortune, four astronauts take to the cosmic rays but the accident obtain ultra ability , leader " Reed "'s ability to obtain flexible health among them, his girl friend " Sue " has obtained stealthy ability , her little younger brother " Johnny " can follow one's bent and control the fire , the navigator " Ben " has turned into Rock man. They four people use unique ultra ability to explore this strange and changeful and changeable world, obstruct to destroy doctors and destroy the conspiracy that it kills the ground.

This is a typical American just film. Like the Super man, Bat man, and Spider man etc. This kind final result of film bad person end sure good person's uniform usually, though everybody knows that there is such a final result, whenever the similar film put out, large numbers of people will go to see. Because it's a typical American film.

I began to see the film from the primary school; it is really interested until junior high school all the time. It is a kind of enjoyment to see the film for me. I am used to incorporating myself in the story. Feel that remembered while going out of the theater. Discuss the movie with the friends by my side. I like this kind of feeling very much. I consider, I will love seeing the film continuously until my dying day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


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